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Introducing The Big Boring Box

As the world increasingly becomes technologically driven, consumers are flocking towards online shopping as their preference of choice for purchasing goods. As a result of COVID-19  non-essential business closure, shelter-in-place orders, social distancing practices, an increase of working from home and self-isolating practices have consumers are relying more on online shopping to buy goods. The Big Boring Box ensures an added level of security to any home or business while also eliminating the hassle, costs, and delays of re-purchasing items due to theft.

Couriers whose business depends on the safe delivery of packages can maximize their operational efficiency by using The Big Boring Box to ensure the safe delivery of packages, enhancing customer satisfaction. The Big Boring Box offers the highest quality level of security to ensure successful package delivery, and is a low-cost alternative to wired security systems, making delivery easier and more secure.

What if you didn’t have to worry about secure delivery?…

The Big Boring Box is truly smart. Record audio/video and transmit live from the smart app onto a smartphone. Equipped with a motion detector that sends alerts instantly when triggered. See who is approaching, and communicate directly with the delivery driver through the built-in speaker.

The tamper alarm sends notifications if someone tries to break into the device, and weight sensors on both the lid and base help ensure the security of deliveries. Don’t worry, and get excited about protecting your packages from theft with the Big Boring Box!

arrives in a flat package and takes less than 35 seconds to assemble. It connects directly to any door securely using the included strap, or to most surfaces using our patented clip. Made with tough and durable lightweight plastic; the Big Boring Box collapses flat when not needed to save space, making storage a snap.

Protecting Packages

Home security box and app for online deliveries


Security Alerts

The app will alert you if someone tries to tamper with the box.


Talk directly to the delivery driver or thief with visual and voice communication through the app.

Remote Control

Open and close your security box on command for the delivery guy or gal from anywhere.


Rechargeable Battery

Adjustable feet

To fit any doorstep configuation.

It’s NOT so Boring…



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