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Doorstep Security Box.

While designing our delivery app we realized a HUGE problem.
1.7 million packages are stolen or lost every single day!
Package theft is at an all-time high. Will you let yourself be the next victim?

What if there was a better way to secure your packages to guarantee that they’ll  be there when you get home? Introducing our Big Boring security box. Watch our video to learn more. Your will find out it’s actually not that boring. Its quite smart.

First 1000 Clients get a years supply of toilet paper.
NEVER get caught with your pants down again! 
Some Conditions Apply ** A pack of 8 lux toilet rolls delivered to your box once a month.

Introducing The Ultimate Solution To Package Theft

Your Big Boring Box arrives in a flat package and takes less than 35 seconds to assemble. It connects directly to any door securely using the included strap, or to most surfaces using our patented clip. Made with tough and durable lightweight plastic; the Big Boring box collapses flat when not needed to save space, making storage a snap.

This box is truly smart. Record audio/video and transmit live from the smart app on your phone. Equipped with a motion detector that alerts you instantly when triggered, enabling you to see who is approaching. Communicate directly with the delivery driver through the built-in speaker.

The tamper alarm lets you know if someone tries to break into the device, and weight sensors on both the lid and base help ensure the security of your all deliveries. Don’t worry, and get excited about protecting your packages from theft with the Big Boring Box.

Is my money safe? YES!

You don’t pay unless 1000 presales targets are met. What can go wrong? Nothing! This offer is completely risk free to you. We won’t touch your money until your product is ready. If we don’t reach the target number of presales, your money will be refunded to you.


Product Features

Security Alerts

The app will alert you if someone tries to tamper with the box.


Talk directly to the delivery driver or thief with visual and voice communication through the app.

Remote Control

Open and close your security box on command for the delivery guy or gal from anywhere.


Rechargeable Battery

Adjustable feet

To fit any doorstep configuation.

Bob Rogers CEO – Our Story

Two years ago we started developing our delivery app. During our research process, we kept hearing the same concern over and over again. What if my delivery gets stolen from my doorstep. This was the start of our journey.

While we continue developing our Now! Deliver 4 Me app. We set about designing a security box to keep your packages safe after we’ve delivered them. Sean our box designer, started to work on my ideas.

Now we have a collapsible, durable plastic doorstep security box with a lid that locks. We believe it will help people come home to the package they ordered without worry. No longer will you have to deal with those porch pirates and thieves. 

Our Big Boring Box can now be attached to your front, side, or garage doors. It can even be attached to a porch wall. It detaches and collapses until needed for next time. It’s also very smart. It can talk to the delivery driver, lock, and unlock all via the app and a wifi connection. It is not so Boring after all is it.

A very special thanks to all my founding investors. Without whom we would not be about to embark on this crowd fund. Thanks to Stacie, Mary, Bearnice, Hans, Ron, Sharon, Kruize and special thanks to my friend Dr Dan. And to all those that have contributed in every way I thank you

Meet The Team

Wave Form Plastics

Waveform plastics will be manufacturing our first round of products before we move into full production. They use state-of-the-art machinery and technology to create made to order products.

Nathan - Green Marketing

Green Marketing is an eco-friendly marketing agency. They’re helping us with our online marketing, graphic designs, videos and website.  Nathan is a digital nomad. He works for us while he’s on an adventure traveling the world.  

Sean Buchanan - Box Designer

Sean Buchanan has been a light metal/plastics product designer since 2005. He assists inventors to create products that can be both functional and manufacturable. Using SolidWorks, he creates and tests designs and then produces manufacturing drawings once a design is finalized.

Chris Green

A business lawyer with more than 40 years of experience in private practice in BC, Chris is a graduate of Queen’s University at Kingston and Osgoode Hall Law School. He was admitted to the British Columbia bar in 1977.

Michelle Mahoney

With over 15 years of experience in business development, Michelle prides herself on her eye-for-detail and creative thinking. She has worked for businesses of all sizes in varying industries; proving herself a valuable asset to any team. Her roots and passion lay in design and marketing, yet it is Michelle’s analytical capabilities and strategic thinking that have enabled her to step into new roles: through this, she has acquired many skills in the realm of investment and business finance.

Mathew Sullivan

Matthew Sullivan is a CFO and finance specialist who specializes in preparing business plans, business proposals and conducting in-depth market research for new and existing businesses. Matthew’s background is in corporate finance and has worked as an analyst in both the venture capital and international airport industries. Past roles include being eCFO for Seedups Canada; one of Canada’s first crowd funding portals and the Chief Operating Officer of a global health products company.

Harmeever Cheema

Perficient in multiple coding languages, Harmanveer has worked as a key member on several innovative and exciting projects. Recently graduated from the Electrical Engineering program at the University of British Columbia, he is excited to be developing the Smart Package for The Big Boring Box Corporation. With practical experience in embedded systems design, his skills and forward-thinking are integral assets to our development team.

Jaskirat Mangat

Graduated from Kwantlen with a diploma in information systems, and currently enrolled in a software development program in BCIT. Jaskirat is exploring new languages and has designed apps for educational purposes. Currently designing the app for the big boring box for its phase 1 and analyzing its full functionality. Runs Paco Solutions company which designs and develops websites, and provides full digital marketing solutions. 

Jonathan Liberty

A product designer focused on assisting entrepreneurs, innovators and manufacturers develop their products and processes into the marketplace.

With 25+ years of experience as a freelance or in-house senior designer/manager successfully developing products & experiences for small and global businesses alike I utilize my educational and practical knowledge to create innovative solutions for clients & users alike. 

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