“Smart Security Delivered.”

The Big Boring Box Technology Corporation

“Providing innovative parcel security systems that protect customers’ property and businesses by way of reliable and intuitive products backed by exceptional support.”

The Big Boring Box Technologies Corporation was born of neccessity in 2018, and is a part of the RJR Group of Companies. While developing a delivery application for NowDeliver4Me Techologies Corp. we discovered a huge problem that needed to be addressed. Over 1.7 million packages are stolen or lost every single day. Lead by a solution-based visionary, and a skilled team of thinkers the concept of The Big Boring Box was born. 

A new but ambitious member of the RJR Group, The Big Boring Box Technologies Corporation has great promise and a bright future ahead. The flagship product is currently in development, and is almost ready to take North America, and the global market by storm. 


As large online retailers introduce new products, demand for safe delivery of purchased goods increase.


Package theft is at an all-time high.

1.7 million packages are stolen or lost every single day!


Consumers who want to protect their property and corporations looking to keep liability costs down.


Our projections show great financial gain and brand recognition for The Big Boring Box Company and its corporate partners.


By working with connected industry professionals we can get our product into consumers’ hands quickly.

The Plan


By harnessing the power of seo and the thriving ecommerce sector, we will convert traffic to sales, getting our product into the hands of consumers. 



Posting informative content and engaging in meaningful discussions with users will gain us valuable insights and provide opportunities to generate positive reviews.

Social Media

By curating quality content and utilizing a highly targeted digital advertisement strategy we will expand our following, build brand awareness, and increase sales.

Print Marketing

By mixing digital and print advertising we will reach more customers in less time, accelerating our growth and building brand awareness.

Email Marketing

By engaging visitors and customers, we will be able to strengthen brand recognition and loyalty and generate meaningful reviews on a regular basis.

Continuous Growth

By utilizing Metrics and analytics we will be able to learn as we grow, offering better products and services year over year, and gaining repeat business.

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It’s NOT so Boring…



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